Chainer 1.03

DSP software that records audio, add effects and sysnthesizers with VST/ASIO

Chainer is an amazing digital signal processing application that allows you to record audio, use effect plug-ins, and audio synthesizer signals, all integrated in one virtual interface by utilizing Virtual Studio Technology (VST) and Audio Stream Input/Output protocol (ASIO). The name "Chainer" is due to the arrangement of channels from input to output. It contains 10 channel presets. Each channel consists of 10 slots, the signals passes from the first slot to the next and so on, in order to generate the output audio result. The signal of each channel can be either routed directly to the output or it can be routed to another channel. Each VST plug-in inserted can be played on different MIDI channels, and can be controlled/adjusted depending upon its own features via MIDI or VST automation, e.g. volume, panning, etc. VST plug-ins can be also exported with FXB, FXP file format. OS supported: Microsoft Windows 98, Me, 2000, and XP; minimum system requirements: 300 MHz CPU, 64MB RAM, DirectX 7.0, 800x600 16 bit color video mode, and ASIO 2.0 compatible soundcard.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • Due to the fact that there are 10 slots per channel, 100 VST plugins can be chained up and even more because you can load Chainer itself in a slot


  • In the trial version loading of presets is disabled
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